Friday, April 15, 2011


Spring has signs - forsythia in bloom, birds chirping, tulips, green grass, rain, fresh clean smells, baby colts. WHAT?!
We were surprised to learn this morning that our horse, Belle, had a baby last night. WOW! We didn't even know she was expecting. We're grateful that all went well and that both mama and baby are doing great.

Happy Spring!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Forts in April

One thing about living in Utah is having the greatest snow on earth. Somehow I have a hard time enjoying the 'greatest snow on earth' in April. Honestly, it's been snowing and snowing all weekend. Some spring break! But I'll be grateful for the water when it's water skiing season! (Which, I am sure, is right around the corner!) Instead of complain about all of the white stuff, my boys made the most of their spring break. Here is the proof! Max spent hours building - pretty impressive!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

California Cousins

Some things in life are inevitable. Unfortunately, death is one of those things. My brother-in-law had a death in his family this past week. Among the sadness there were a lot of smiles because my sister and her 3 girls got to come to Utah (from sunny San Diego) to see us for a quick dinner!

(Max, Luke & Lucy)

We're always happy when we get to see family - and this was the first time Ben had met his California cousins. They all loved each other!

(Lucy, Sofi, Luke, Max, Kaylee, Ben)

Glad we got to see you guys!
(Bills Family with Mom & Dad)

Thanks to my sis for the pictures!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Grandma's Teacups

We're at it again...using Grandma's old teacups. If you remember, we first put grandma's teacups on display as a bird feeder. I had more cups that needed to be out there! Once I saw this beautiful lamp I knew I needed my own personalized version.

What you'll need:

A variety of teacups and saucers
Bowl for base
Diamond drill bit (I used 1/2")
Cordless drill
Lamp Kit (I found mine at WalMart for around $5)
Lamp shade

The hardest part was figuring out the configuration. Play around - use different pieces, upside down, matched or not, big and small. Once you know how you want it, take a picture! It will be helpful to reference when putting your lamp together.

Now to drill. Remember, you MUST use water with this drill bit! (or you will be very sad when your drill bit is ruined.) I eyeballed the center of each piece and went for it. I'm sure if you want it perfect you could measure! Drill each piece.

Now for assembly. I started with the bowl at the base and threaded the cord through the holes. Then the next piece. And the next. I put the cord through one piece at a time, and glued as I went. It's helpful if the cups and saucers balance on their own, but if not, hold them together until the glue sets.

Once your lamp base is done, wire the light socket, put a light bulb in and put your lamp shade on.

Enjoy your own creation featuring Grandma's teacups!

For a more detailed tutorial check out Vintage Revivals.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Family Tree Wall Art

You've got to check out this amazing family tree over at No Dime Design! I was shocked at the how-to! Such a fun and simple way of displaying your family faces!