Sunday, February 22, 2009

We've been busy!

We couldn't wait to show you what's been keeping us so quiet on the blog front... and housework front and time with friends front...

Some of the products are new and improved, some are brand-spanking new; all will be available on our website and/or Etsy store.

Let us introduce you:
Memory Puzzle Blocks - These are what got us started. And what a great start!! We'll be eternally grateful to My Mind's Eye for giving us a hand-up and helping us bring in our first boatload of puzzle kits. We've now sold more than 10k of these wonderful little kits that preserve memories in the uniquest of ways. This year we hope to introduce a Stories by Me kit version. We think you'll like (scratch that...LOVE) our new and improved Memory Puzzle Block kit!

Memory Trees - These big guys were unveiled last summer and much to our delight were an instant hit! We're thrilled that you have embraced them and made them such a popular gift item. Yes, we know that the hard part is finding pictures of all the loved ones that need to be featured in your family tree. But it is SO worth the effort! Remember that while our tree's were made to display 3 or 4 generations, you can keep making face buttons and add them to your family button box. That way no one gets left off of the family tree!

Our designer, Carol, has done us proud!! We are drueling over our new Antique Floral design and the Cream Leaf pattern goes with EVERYTHING!

Vintage Tins - These beauties were created in conjunction with our Memory Trees. We had all these fabulous vintage photographs that were begging for a more prominent spot than what the archives could offer. They have been a huge hits at our shows and our collection keeps growing, thanks to your many suggestions. Only problem is that we haven't figured out how to make them available on our website since the collection is constantly changing. We're working on adding a core collection to the website and will put other pieces on Etsy, as time allows.

Memory Calendars - We are so excited about our new Memory Calendars. We've been kickin' around the idea for nearly a year and then BAM! it just all came together beautifully. The calendar will be sold in kit form (like the Memory Trees) and offer just what you need to make your own memorable calendar. What makes these so cool is that you'll be able to customize your calendar by featuring family faces on special dates. We know... we just had to include family pictures in the project! Yeah, the picture is so tiny, it doesn't do justice to the finished project, but more pictures are coming. And, Suni is working to get this into our Etsy store.