Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Yahoo! Memory Puzzle Kits are Back!

We are now ready for Christmas! We only say that because our puzzle kit order arrived and we can now help you get your gifts ready for the holidays!

You didn't think we meant that WE were READY FOR THE HOLIDAYS? Oh yeah, we can't even find 15 minutes to blog about our lives right now. (One of us...only trying to save face here by not mentioning names, actually mailed last year's holiday cards in April.) OK, I can't drag Suni down into my world. She is MUCH more on the ball than I am. Knowing her, she's already scheduled a photographer for this year's family picture. I think we'll just be using last year's picture again!

Life might be out of control, but I do have some fabulous memories that will be enjoyed for years and years! Here are some of the puzzles that I've made over the years. I wish that we had kept count of all the puzzles that we've made or helped to make. It is easily in the thousands by now.

As you can see, every one is a masterpiece!