Thursday, July 31, 2008

Roadtrip, Days 5 and 6

Here's a question for anyone living in the Chicago area... "How do you afford it?" Seriously?! $16.00 to park the car for an hour and twenty minutes. If that doesn't lighten your wallet, try tossing all of your change to the toll booth as you zip back and forth across town.

Today was our Chicago day. Definitely not as easy a city to navigate as Salt Lake City. We finally found parking (at said outrageous prices) and got our bearings. We thought the kids would enjoy the Navy Pier. Within a few minutes of arriving, the rain came. (That's four out of six vacation days with significant rain!) Tried to stay dry by ducking into some of the overpriced tourist attractions but after $40.00 for ten minutes of the Fun House Maze we decided to outrun the raindrops back to the overpriced parking.

Couldn't leave Chicago without the memory of Chicago style pizza. Lou Malnati's came up on our Google search for best city pizza. Oh man, were they right!

If the high prices don't break you, trying sitting in Chicago traffic for a couple of hours. It took us 60 minutes just to go 15 miles. This time the kids got to feel my pain as there were no trees available for 'watering' when the call of nature came.

We are now headed for a day of memories in my old stomping ground of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Kids are rolling their eyes. Guess they're tired of hearing me relive my yesteryears. Can't wait to see if anything lives up to my sixteen year old memories.

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