Thursday, July 17, 2008

Together We Can Do So Much!

I don't know about you, but as we slide into the bottom half of July, the schedule gets a little relaxed, the morning wake-up calls come a bit late, and the house falls into disarray. (Who are we kidding? It hits rock bottom on the cleanliness scale!)

We need an escape to the beach! As a true-blue Southern CA girl, I miss my roots. I tried to take the kids to the Great Salt Lake once. We spent less than 10 minutes floating amid billions of shrimp flies...I kid you not. It took hours to rid the muck between the toes and the smell...oh the smell defies description. Gratefully, we can now laugh at the memory!

We don't see any beach time in the foreseeable future. Who can afford 1000 mile road trips on $4.50 a-gallon gas? (Especially if you're stuck driving a 12-mile a gallon guzzler!) This favorite beach scene conjures feelings of how summer should be spent. Who wouldn't go for a couple of uninterrupted hours of fun in the sun, accompanied by a great friend, and (not to be missed) being the epitome of high fashion! We'll hang on to the old memories and live vicariously through the stories of others!

Love the picture? Look for it on our vintage tins!

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