Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Vintage Tins

The creative juices are flowing and here's another fun way to get those 'need-to-be-seen' photographs out of the books and boxes and in front of our faces!

We've taken an 8x8 inch magnet board, added a vintage photo as a background, distressed the edges because we LOVE everything OLD and thrown in a couple of magnets (different magnet options based on the package). You can use them to post messages, photos or just as great wall art.

Print a birth announcement or wedding invitation on to vellum paper and create a personalized magnet of the featured individual(s). Talk about a much appreciated gift!

We've created more than a dozen designs featuring vintage photographs and other great art work. They are only in a few stores right now, but we're working on making them easy to get. We'll also offer them on our website in the near future. (Somehow, there is always more work than time in a day!) If you can't wait to see the different options, go ahead an drop us a line at sales@storiesbyme.com. We can send you a .pdf of what's available. Suggested retail for the tins is $16.00. Shipping will cost a few bucks more.

If you live in the Salt Lake area, consider having a Block Party! We love sharing our ideas and there's no better way help people see how easy it is to preserve family stories than by attending one of our classes. We'll help your group (12 or more) complete one of our projects. We even offer discount pricing to the group to sweeten the deal! Contact us right away because dates are filling quickly!

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washington weston said...

This is a good idea! I think I will add a Moroni magnet t omy Manti Temple Tin!...now to find a good Moroni pic.