Thursday, August 7, 2008

Getting Kids excited about Genealogy!

When the kids were little, I was great at creating fun summer activities. As they have gotten older, I have lost my creative touch and have left them to their own ingenuity. Translation: it's boring around here! We only have a few weeks until we're back at the daily grind of school. Why not fill these last few weeks with some fun activities that not only gets them brushing up on school skills, but also helps them get to know family members better.

Turn your kids into cub-reporters. Deck 'em out with a mini-tape recorder (if you have one) or a pen and note paper always work. Have some fun with it. Help them come up with a pseudonym. Make official credentials. Throw on a hat, vest or tie and your child is ready to hit the streets! Be sure to have a mini lesson on the 5 'W's of good investigative reporting. Prepare some basic questions such as a favorite movie, best subject in school or first paying job. Have them start by interviewing someone that is already familiar. Maybe this will be a sibling or parent. As they become comfortable with the process, have them branch out to more distant relatives. Pictures add a lot to any story. Let them use an older digital camera to snap a picture. If that's not possible, include a picture from your files, or have your child add a drawing to their report.

Not only is this a great way to become more familiar with family members, but your children will start to recognize how things like fads and technology change over time. They might also notice that some things --such as peer pressure and sibling rivalry, never change.

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