Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ready to Rock and Roll!

We've hauled in the goods, fluffed and stuffed, and now stand back to take a deep breath. We're ready. Well, we think we're ready. This is all new to us, but we're excited to meet the buyers and hope they are equally excited to meet us!

We hope we're wildly busy this week, but not so busy that we don't have time to do a short walk-about. There's some cool stuff out there that needs a closer inspection.

Special thanks goes to Suni for helping me keep my cool through late night set-ups, broken printers, and the million things that needed to be done after a long vacation. Everyone needs some Suni in their lives!

1 comment:

suni said...

You are too kind! It's always fun being a part of something so wonderful. The booth looks great! And I'm working on those good vibes, happy thoughts and all that!