Thursday, December 4, 2008

Still Grateful!

Wow! Where did November go? If you've been following our blog, you probably remember our plan to document the things we are grateful for during the month of November. From the looks of our list, we're not very grateful...

Hopefully, you know that's NOT the case.

Like many of you, we are so busy living life that we can't find the time to get everything done. Sadly, some of the important things fall by the way-side. How could we not acknowledge the amazing meals that we've recently enjoyed? (We've been blessed, really blessed with fabulous friends and family who open their homes and hearts and include us around the table at meal times.) We've been fortunate to enjoy good health, for the most part. This is a blessing we like to take for granted, until we're side-lined, usually when least convenient. Our weather has been fabulous! Of course, my interpretation of fabulous weather means warm days and cool nights...just cool enough to bring out the flannel sheets. My snow-loving family has a different interpretation of perfect weather. Either way, the fall colors were spectacular in our corner of the world and they are vividly painted in my mind as we head into the stark whiteness of winter.

Oh to have the time to give thanks to each person and experience that touched our lives this year, made us grow, and gave life new meaning. But life beckons. And so we fondly look back, however briefly, and then we dig in our heels and take off running once again.

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