Saturday, February 28, 2009

Think of the Possibilities!

Had a fun class at the Ft. Union Deseret Book store today. It's always nice to get together with people who understand our passion (or is it obsession?) and validate the long hours and sleepless nights of trying to get our ideas into project form. The best part of classes is seeing the pictures that participants determine need preserving and hearing the stories that make these pictures so meaningful.

Today, Sharon made a memory puzzle using pictures of past trips to the Oregon coastline. The puzzle was beautiful, in part, because of the fabulous pictures that Sharon had taken, but the real beauty was hearing Sharon's stories of past visits to these picturesque lighthouses and the memories that had been preserved in her mind.

Lori is a talented crafter who put the pedal to the metal and cranked out TWO puzzles in the time most of us can barely get through one. She recently became the proud keeper of an entire box of family photos and she made a wonderful keepsake of her grandparents legacy. She also bears the distinction of being a descendant of a local town's namesake. She beautifully preserved pictures of many of the town's early buildings and will give this puzzle to the current mayor, who just happens to be another relative.

As we visited, we discussed the countless options our blocks kits provide for preserving memories. I've personally given puzzles for wedding gifts, baby gifts, birthday gifts and Christmas gifts. Obviously, I think our Memory blocks make a great gift! We've seen puzzles made of summer vacations, family pets and historical events. The ladies at the class suggested that I throw the question out there to our world-wide audience... what life events do you consider important enough to preserve for future generations?

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