Friday, March 27, 2009

Scanning - Made Easy!

Who doesn't have boxes (and boxes) of pictures needing to be preserved? I know I do...and I'm in the business of preserving memories! It doesn't matter that I have the equipment and know-how to get it done. I still find myself short on time and overwhelmed by the sheer amount of pictures needing preservation! (I am the proud keeper of all of our family's photographs.)

We have all heard stories of ruined memories due to unexpected flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes, fire...the list goes on. And natural catastrophes aren't the only thing we need to worry about. There are a million reasons to digitize our physical memories, and I've come across the perfect solution for making this a reality! [Sorry to everyone living outside the Salt Lake area. Check this out and then see if you have a local service in your own corner of the world.]

At the recent South Davis Family History fair, I came across the company Preservation Scanning. For as little as twelve cents a picture (yes, that's right, for 1000 photos they only charge .12 per scan) this company will COME TO YOUR HOME and help you unbury from your pile of photographs. Have fewer photographs? Cost starts at .18 cents a scan...and they'll still come to your home! Check out their website for all the specifics, but I can promise you that we'll be setting up appointments soon. We also plan to coordinate efforts for our local class participants. No more panic trying to get pictures ready for a class project. We hope to invite them to some of our classes! How would that be? While you're creating a memory, someone is sitting onsite preserving all of your other memories. Love it!

If pictures are worth a thousand words, 12-18 cents for Preservation Scanning is a screaming deal!

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