Monday, March 23, 2009

Snow Day!

Ok, who ordered the snow? Didn't we just celebrate the first day of spring? We've been wearing shorts and flip-flops. It was 70 degrees last week, for crying out loud. Kids are out of school today - some sort of teacher prep day. We're going to pretend that it's really a snow day! No school! No schedules! No need to go out and shovel the stuff... it will melt tomorrow. I'll cozy up to a cup of hot cocoa. I'm sure the kids will toast their brains in front of the XBox!

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Rachel Hagen said...

Ewe I know! This snow is no fun. I'm bummed that that dress is out of stock. On Saturday (when I put the post together) none of them were! Those links that I linked up to have some fun dress choices though, maybe they'll give you some ideas.