Monday, June 22, 2009

Sharing Father's Day Wishes

Just got a call from Jackie. Her nine-year-old granddaughter had recently purchased one of our Family Memory Tree kits at Deseret Book. She wanted to give it to her grandfather for Father's Day. She picked out each picture all by herself and carefully created each face button. According to Jackie, it was a big hit! Grandpa loved it so much that he took it to church to share it with his friends.

Next time someone asks me if our projects are hard, I'll be able to tell them that a nine-year-old did one. And did it beautifully, I might add!

THANK YOU for sharing your stories and excitement for preserving memories! We can't do everything, but everyone can do SOMETHING!


Sheryn's Blog said...

I love your magnetic memory trees. I just ordered another one but would like to buy a wooden frame to insert it in so that I can mod podge pictures on the frame as well. Do you have wood frames to sell? My e-mail is svberghout@gmail.com Thank you for all the fun ideas.
Sheryn Berghout

Lauri - Stories by Me said...

Thrilled that you love our Memory Trees. The Family Face Frame is a perfect way to complete the project! I'll email you directly with frame options.