Saturday, July 18, 2009

Trek Across the Plains, July 18, 1849

My to-do list is a mile long. But here I sit knee deep in family genealogy records, oblivious to the fact that my house is a mess and things are NOT magically getting done in my absence. My family will tell you that I'm in my happy place. I am!

The biggest problem with getting out the family records is that I have a hard time putting them away. Today I simply meant to look up one little fact for that last blog on great-grandpa Christian. Now it is hours later, but check out what I found...

William Appleby was the company clerk for the George A. Smith Company of Immigrants that traveled from Kanesville, Iowa in 1849. Our great-great-grandfather was part of this group. William left a detailed record showing the major events of the trip from start to finish. I thought it might be interesting to include the historical data as they transpire throughout the coming days so you can experience what it might have been like to cross the expansive western plains in mid-1800's.

We'll play a little catch-up since the records started July 4th.

Wednesday, July 4: Left Kanesville to-day with our teams along with several others, traveled about six miles and encamped with Elder Benson's company on the prairies. Tarried until the Sabbath following, when we moved about four miles further towards the Missouri River, to embrace our turn in being ferried over the same, which we accomplished on Wednesday, the 11th, and encamped again in the Indian Territory, Omaha Lands, near Winter Quarters.

Saturday, July 14: Mosquitoes bad indeed.

Wednesday, July 18: Have got all our wagons and cattle safely over the river, (Elk Horn). The camp moved forward about three miles, and encamped for the night where pasture was good and plenty. About twelve o'clock at night a general rush or stampede was made by the cattle, taking some fright. They passed the guards and ran towards the river. Every man in camp was summoned to turn out, and with arms and their hands, assisted in bringing them back. In about an hour or two, the horsemen had headed them, and we got them returned back to camp, oxen, cows, etc. , and placed an additional guard around them. We had the good fortune not to lose any of them.

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Beth Graham said...

These will be fun to read, especially with keeping great-grandpa Christian in mind!