Wednesday, November 25, 2009

So Much to be Thankful for!

We have much to be thankful for this holiday season. Business is good. Our families are healthy and happy. The weather is cooperating. At our house, we've instigated the tradition of having each family member prepare a dish for our celebration. It really takes the stress off the mom! This year Kevin is making the sweet potato gratin (YUMMY!). Trent will make his famous turkey gravy. Davis had a hankering for Silk Chocolate Pie. Without any help, he found the recipe of choice, got me a list of needed ingredients and prepared (what promises to be) a scrumptious dessert! True to form, Colton requested Mac and Cheese for dinner. You'd think that 12 is old enough to expand one's taste buds, but it's his dinner too, so tomorrow will find the two of us whipping up a pot of a homemade variety that will feel comfortable next to the stuffing, green beans and salad! All this help gave me enough time to think about table decor. We've had such fun with our new block ornaments that I decided to bring them to the table. I want EVERYONE to know what I'm MOST thankful for! Before our last snow storm, I happened to find some fallen tree branches that I knew would be perfect for a project somewhere down the road. Who knew that I'd put them to use within the week?!

All I did was spray the branches with a bit of silver and gold spray paint. After they dried, I simply secured them in two long, skinny vases. (The display was too tall for the center of the table - it competed with the overhead lighting, so I decided to plant one at each end of the table.) Next, I add 4-5 bright red ornaments, along with 5 block ornaments featuring family faces to varying branches on the limb. That's it. Really! It makes a spectacular display!!

The rest of my ornaments adorn some greenery that I've already placed around the front door. I thought I'd get a running start on the Christmas decorating. Next week is going to be pretty busy. Did we mention that we're going to be on Channel 4, Good Things Utah? Oh, we did?! :-)

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