Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Good Things Utah

Last week's three minutes of fame on Good Things Utah was WONDERFUL! We had a blast sharing our love of stories on the show. We've been a bit quiet on the blog front because we are so, SO busy trying to keep up with all the last minute Christmas orders, but we wanted to share our behind-the-scene view of our tv experience...

Here Suni is making sure she has all of her supplies before going on air.

The table is ready for its three minutes in the spotlight. What were we thinking? We thought we'd have enough time to share all of these projects...

Here's where the magic of TV kicks in. The table was prepped and waiting behind the studio audience. During one of the commercials, our table was magically propelled onto the stage.

Nicea claims that she's not very crafty...but Suni helped her finish a Face Button in the matter of seconds.

We had gone to the studio a few weeks ago to see the show in action. Roberts Crafts had planned to feature our Memory Puzzles, but there was a last minute change. Angie Larsen saw a brief preview of the puzzles and fell in love with them. We got her to send us a few pictures so we could make a set for her. I personally dropped off the finished puzzle, planning to give it to the receptionist at the front door. Unexpectedly, I was asked to wait and a few minutes later, Angie herself came strolling up to personally walk me back to her desk as she prepared for the day's taping. What a genuinely kind, bright, darling woman! We felt an extra connection when we learned that she is also the mother of all boys. No wonder Suni and I were drawn to her! Trust me, moms of all boys NEED to stick together!

Yesterday Angie sent us the following note:
"My boys flipped out over the puzzle. I couldn't wait until Christmas to give it to them. They play with it all the time. It is a priceless gift."

We LOVED making the puzzle for you Angie! We've just about finished one for Nicea. It is every bit as cute...even if all she has is girls to feature on it :-)

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