Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Memory Lollipops

How cute is this valentine? Studio 5 contributor Laci Davis shared some darling Valentine ideas on yesterday's show. I especially loved the heart-shaped lollipops. According to Laci, all you need are some heart shaped suckers (she said that she found these at a dollar store...3 for $1!), photos and glue. I think that that the bright pink background on the pictures really complement the project. If you don't have the perfect pink wall for a backdrop, you can add the color with a few simple strokes in PhotoShop.

Not only is this idea perfect for Valentine's Day, but imagine a wedding decoration with pictures of the bride and groom!

I want to share the idea at our next family reunion. I'm thinking....big (SWEET) display with all the family members pictures on lollipops. Kids 'earn' a treat by picking the correct picture to the story that we tell. A little sugar bribe just might be the ticket to keeping them riveted throughout the activity!

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