Thursday, February 4, 2010

Today, my mind is flooded with sixteen years worth of stories provided by my middle son, Davis. I can't believe that he's 16! In honor of his birthday, we took [what I thought] would be a quick trip to the DMV. I have heard the rumors of long waits because of the recent regulation changes...but I figured, it can't be THAT bad. I even timed it so that we arrived just before the lunch crunch. Trust me... the stories are TRUE! Every chair in the waiting area was filled. People were lining the back wall. A line even formed out the door. There were a total of seven windows to handle the 100 + people needing to be processed. In true government form, there was never more than 4 windows in use, and as the clock neared the one o'clock hour we actually witnessed the DMV workers head out to lunch with NO replacements! I've decided not to use this blog as my forum for the changes that I think our bureaucracy needs to make. I would like the last two hours of my life back, or at the very least to have had it filled with more pleasant memories of time spent with my sixteen-year-old on his birthday. The good news is that this memory will fade and the story that will be remembered is that he GOT HIS DRIVERS LICENSE!

Let's use this forum to warn all drivers in the greater Salt Lake area; ONE more teenage driver is on the streets!

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Beth Graham said...

Happy birthday to Davis! We really need to get together you guys!