Monday, March 1, 2010

Personalized Food Plates

Kalleen's done it again, I've loved following her blog At Second Street. She's just posted an idea for making your own food faces. Seems like it's the perfect way to invite family members to the table AND encourage picky eaters to EAT! Check out her instructions for a complete rundown of the project, but here's the reader's digest version...

1. First you get a picture. Make it large enough to fit the plate.

2. Next you'll turn the picture into a line drawing that can be transferred to the plate.

3. A few bold lines, a couple of colored fill-in's and you're done! It's THAT simple! I do have a couple suggestions that I'd like to add to the process to simplify it EVEN more...

Check out Dumpr.net. I like their Photo Pencil Sketch option for turning photographs into coloring pages. You can also use Photoshop, if you have it, but I've found this option is SO easy to use, it's a NO brainer!

I now have a picture of my mother that I can transfer to the plate.

The other thing that is mulling around in my brain is to find a way to use this idea at a family gathering or reunion. Imagine planning a meal around a featured ancestor. Serve all of her favorite foods...maybe feature one of her secret recipes and then bring it to the table on plates FEATURING HER! I wonder how well the picture would hold up if we used paper plates?
Thinking out loud here!


Kalleen said...

I think this could be a fun idea for a family reunion. It sounds like a lot of work though. Thanks for the great tip on using Dumpr. You have lots of fun ideas here.

TCK said...

I liked this too.

I am your newest follower.


Stories by Me! said...

Welcome Tonia...glad you found us!