Thursday, March 4, 2010

Who Do You Think You Are?

I cannot wait for Friday. I LOVE Fridays in general, but tomorrow is extra special as it is the premiere of the series

They had me at the name.

The description to the show starts something like this; "There's no such thing as an ordinary family. Each one has its own story." I already know that. I'm hoping that the show will offer new sleuthing techniques. If nothing else, listening to stories of self-discovery are always interesting. I might seem the ordinary wife/mother/daughter... but peel away the layers of my heritage and who knows what you might find; heiress/adventurer/criminal.

I thought that the exclusives/family facts section of the website was pretty cool. You can type in your surname and learn all sorts of interesting facts about your last name.

The only problem with tomorrow's show is the fact that I have no time to watch it. We will be at the South Davis Family History Fair on Saturday and tomorrow is the set up. Then there's the carpools, kids play and friends wedding all standing between me and my hour of T.V. time.

Thank goodness for TIVO!


Ela and Daniel Asisi said...

Did you get a chance to watch the show? I loved it and I love your site! We'll be sure to stop by more often!

Stories by Me! said...

I can't believe that I FORGOT to set the TIVO. Gratefully, recovery was as easy as going to the NBC website and watching it online. Glad to connect with someone who gets the importance of family stories! Thanks for stopping by.