Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Prom Story that Involves the Cat... and a mouse

Last week was my son's Senior Prom. It brought back memories from one of last year's dances. Can't imagine that we'll ever forget this story...

The kids had decided to have a formal dinner at our house before the dance. We moved all the furniture out of the family room and set up five round tables to accommodate the 15 couples who were coming over. The house was clean and the dinner was smelling heavenly. Most of the kids had arrived and they were busy admiring each others attire and making small talk in the moments before the dinner was served.

In sauntered Trent's cat. T rescued her as when he was a sixth grader and she's been our house cat ever since. She really is a sweet kitty. The entire neighborhood loves her because she's such an amazing mouser. Ah, but I digress from the story (or do I?)

As I was saying, the cat sauntered in as only a cat who owns the building dares to walk. She looked around the room at all the kids in their fine outfits and then with great drama puked all over the family room floor. But wait...it get's better! It turns out that the cat had just eaten a mouse who's contents are in the mess now spewed all over the floor where said dinner is moments from taking place. I really couldn't ask Trent to clean up given that he was wearing an $80 tuxedo rental. I grabbed the mess and ran for the door. Really quite heroic of me given the fact that I'm terrified of mice.

Teenagers are quite an amazing species. By the time I had returned from my errand they had moved on to eating dinner and the events that moments earlier had been under foot had been completely forgotten.

This same kitty brought hubby and I His and Her gifts to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary last week. Lucky me found not one, but two dead mice on the porch on our special day!

Our pets are important threads in our life stories. What stories are your pets telling?

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