Monday, May 10, 2010

Have much to share, just can't squeeze two minutes together to collect our thoughts, let alone put a complete sentence together....on paper (even the digital type).

We have a huge pile of ideas, products and projects that were gathered at the National Genealogy Society (NGS) Conference (was it really two weeks ago?) that we're dying to share! We were so grateful to be guests at Fun Stuff for Genealogist's booth. It made it really easy to sneak away from time to time to see what else was at the conference. Personally, I felt like a kid in a candy shop. There were so many yummy distractions!

We've missed sharing some of our projects and ideas these last couple of weeks. That doesn't mean that the gears aren't turning (WAIT until you see what Suni did with her grandmother's tea cups!). It just means that we can't possibly add another thing to our overflowing plates right now. A couple of week's ago we received a phone call from a TV station wanting to interview little ol' us! Imagine our excitement! Excitement turned to disappointment when we learned that the station was in Baltimore and we'd need to get there on our own dime. Ah, but wait... I just happened to have a trip planned to Washington DC...and isn't DC a hop, skip and a jump to the Baltimore area? So this coming Friday, Megan Gilliland of WBFF Fox45 will be learning the Stories by Me way of preserving stories. AND...we will share with her our newest project (drum roll please...) oh uh, gotta wait til Friday!

So while you wait (we hope with bated breath) we share with you a sliver of Utah history. It's a big day here in Utah...actually it was a big day (back on May 10, 1869). This was the day that Union Pacific tracks connected with the Central Pacific railroad. It was a big enough deal to call for major celebrations on both sides of the continent. My heart goes out to all the pioneer women who made the 13 week trip by wagon. I can go insane with only a three hour car ride when my kids incessantly ask "Are we there yet?"

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samnarene said...

What a nice opportunity you will have in Baltimore to share and promote your neat ideas for preserving and enjoying family history stories. Enjoy your trip.