Monday, May 31, 2010

Remembering, Memorial Day 2010

My hubby gave me a pretty awesome gift this weekend. He took the two younger boys and drove more than 1000 miles to spend the weekend with his side of the family in California. I was definitely up to spending time with family but the thought of 24 hours in a car (back and forth) just wasn't as appealing. Since we have a BIG graduation ceremony to celebrate at the end of this week and wanting to spend some quality one-on-one time with my soon-to-be-graduating senior I jumped at the chance to stay home when my sweet husband gave me the option!

What a FANTASTIC weekend! I was amazed at how much we got done...and remarkably at the same time, having plenty of down time to do nothing! Trent helped me whip the yard (ok, a small corner of the yard) back into shape, knock down the pile of laundry, take time for quiet worship at church, barbecue a mass of meat on the 'bar-b', whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookies for the neighbors and curl up to watch a movie together. (He watched...I fell asleep!)

We NEVER would have gotten so much done had the entire family been here!

Traditionally, our Memorial Weekend is spent in Cache County visiting the gravesides of loved ones. This year, my thoughts turned to those family members who have served our country in the armed forces. I thought I'd take a minute to honor them here.

This first treasure is one of my oldest tangible pieces of history for my side of the family. I found it among my grandmother's records. I wish I had a story to accompany this fantastic document, but I am thrilled to feel a personal connection to the Revolutionary War.

I never got to meet Kevin's dad. He died several years before Kevin and I met. I'm glad for the pictures that have helped me get to know him better. He fought in World War II, earning a purple heart for the life-altering injuries that he sustained.

I never got to hear Gus's stories of life in the trenches, but his younger brother Earl filled in the details with his own experiences. Just 13 months younger than his brother Gus, Earl has been my biggest help putting the genealogical puzzle together for this side of the family. He has generously shared all of his photographs and lovingly told the story that accompanies each picture.

Everyone needs an Uncle Earl in their life!

Here are some pictures of Uncle Earl in 1945. I think he is movie-star handsome!

I also have a great heritage of patriotic service on my side of the family. My paternal grandfather served in the Navy throughout his life.

My father enlisted during the Korean War conflict. Gratefully, he never saw combat.

As I dug through the family pictures, I came across other records of quiet service by family members.
Not only am I proud to be an American. I am proud (and very grateful) to be connected to these great human beings.

We wish each of you a most memorable Memorial Day!


Ann said...

How I wish I had an Uncle Earl - I could never get Dad to talk much about his war - it was something he didn't want to remember. He was a POW in Germany for 5 years. I've posted about it here:


samnarene said...

What a nice post for Memorial Day.

B's Mommy said...

and thank you for the yummy cookies! We are blessed to be your neighbor.