Monday, May 3, 2010

Scattergories Champion

Just finished a rousing game of Scattergories with the family. For those needing a quick refresher on the object of the game, Scattergories is a word game of categories. You get points by listing objects in each category beginning with a given initial.

The best answer of the evening was to the category "Street Name"

The letter was 'T'.

The first four answers were given:
1. Third Street (basic, but it made the cut)
2. Thirty-three hundred South (random enough that no one else listed it)
3. Tanglewood Loop (duh, right down the road and an easy win... since no one else listed it)
4. Tanger Street (we hadn't heard of it, but Kevin swore it existed in his childhood hometown)

At this point our thirteen-year-old is laughing too hard to share his answer...

5. T. Diddy (the only 'street' name that he could come up with)!

We gave him double points for originality.

The final score to our Scattergories Championship is already forgotten, but I think we'll all remember the laughter. Sometimes it's the simple stories that need remembering.

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