Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine Top Ten Project

Getting Started:

Step 1:
You will need a wooden plaque (ours measures 5x6), Mod Podge glue, a foam brush, archival quality pen, a damp cloth, a dry cloth, background design (see FREE downloads), a razor blade or exacto knife, scissors, sandpaper, Krylon Acrylic Matte Finish spray and distressing supplies, if desired.

There are a couple of different options for finishing your project. If you want to create the photo montage, you will need a variety of family pictures printed using a laser printer. We sized our pictures to measure about 3" each. If you fill a standard 8.5x11" sheet with 10 - 14 pictures, you'll have plenty for this project.

Pick your favorite background paper. You can download our files here (BROWN, RED, PINK).
These are big files, so be patient while the files download. Be sure to print the pages using a LASER printer! You can also use scrapbook paper for a background.

For the TOP TEN Side:

Step 2:
Apply a thin layer glue to one side of your plaque. Place your paper over the glue. Make sure you get all the air bubbles out by gently rubbing the picture with a dry cloth.

Step 3:
Write down your Top Ten reasons for LOVE on the blank strips of paper. (Make sure you use a pen that won't run when it gets wet.) Cut each strip out and glue onto the paper that you just glued to the board. Let dry.

For Picture Collage Side:

Step 4:
Cut your pictures out Starting in one corner, apply a thin layer of glue to the plaque. Place your first picture on the glue and rub out any air bubbles using a dry cloth. (Be CAREFUL! Wet pictures can tear if too much pressure is applied.) Spread another thin layer of glue where your next picture will go. Be sure to overlap the first picture. Place picture on glue and gently rub out bubbles. Use your wet cloth to wipe away any excess glue. Continue applying pictures until your board is filled. Let project dry.

Step 5:
Once both sides are completely dry, sand the edges to remove any excess paper. You can use a razor blade or exacto knife to trim the edges. If desired, distress the edges of the board with Distress Ink or Chalk.

Step 6:
Spray both sides with a matte finish acrylic sealer to protect your project. Punch holes in the top and string a ribbon through to hang.

Once you see how easy this project is, you'll want to make a top ten plaque for EVERYONE that you love!

Please join us at our Saturday class at Deseret Book in Fort Union. We are bringing the supplies and our know how. You'll leave with a perfect Valentine to share with someone you love!


The Autocrat: Haley said...

What a great idea!

Stacey said...

What do you recommend punching the holes with?

Stories by Me! said...

Stacey - We have this awesome tool that punches holes through anything. I cant remember the name of it, but it has a pink handle. Not a lot of help, I know. Suni just did a project using the same board for an upcoming class. We couldn't find the tool (I'm still taking down Christmas decorations, so my life is less than organized right now) so she used a regular paper hole punch. She just had to go part way through the wood on one side and then attack it from the other side. You can also use a leather hole punch or a large nail to put a hole through the wood.