Saturday, August 27, 2011

7 Days and Counting to Swiss Days, 2011

If you were at Swiss Days two years ago, you might remember our Wire Tree kit. We hadn't planned on selling them, but we thought it would be fun to provide one as a give-away. The response was overwhelming. This fabulous little tree actually got us a stint on KSL's Studio Five. About 6 months ago, we received an order from a customer in Tokyo. Typically, we don't take international orders because the shipping is so outrageous, but this new friend 1/2 way around the world REALLY wanted the kit for a company team-building project. When I took the package to FedEX, I asked for the different shipping options. They came back with two prices, one that was 940 something and another in the 600 range. I was confused. Was that in yen? I asked for the conversion rate. Oh no, that was in US dollars!! CRAZY. Technology is an amazing thing. I texted the customer right then and there in the middle of the FedEx store. I could NOT feel good about charging someone 6+ times the price of the kit just to ship it to them. Thousands of miles (and several time zones) between us and I get a response within 2 minutes to go ahead and ship the kit at the $650 rate. I kid you not!

I share the story because it is one that has gone into the Stories by Me Hall of Fame. I also share the story because we were able to get our hands on another 20 trees. Even better news is that we have a second version that is quite a bit less...both in price and amount of work! Be sure to check it out if you're at Swiss Days!

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Kristen Johnson said...

I bought this from you at swiss days..and am finally getting around to doing it. Sadly I lost the instructions, but have all the stuff. Is there a way for me to get the instructions? Please email me