Thursday, December 22, 2011

More Christmas Memories

When I was a little girl, our Christmas tree was decorated with homemade ornaments, most that were the edible type. It was such a temptation. By the time Christmas arrived, you would be hard pressed to find an untouched 'ornament'. One year, I remember my little brother actually pulled the tree over trying to discretely remove a decoration.

I had BIG plans for this year's tree. I really thought I'd have time to locate all of my mother's old cookie recipes and decorate the entire tree with recipes and homemade cookies. That didn't happen, but I'm still LOVING what I DID ACCOMPLISH!


B's Mommy said...

What YOU accomplished is wonderful my friend! I LOVE your tree and especially the recipe ornaments.
I love all the keepsakes you create!!

Anonymous said...

What is this made out of? Never heard of a "placard" or how to find one?

Stories by Me! said...

Ah, what is a placard? Good question. We struggled with what to call the thin piece of wood that we've used for several of our projects. Calling it a 'piece of wood' sounds...well, un-inspiring. Check your craft (or home supply) store for wood that measures 1/8" thick. Our boards are cut 5x6" with mitered corners. We've been saving our supply for the local classes that we teach, but if there's enough interest, we'll put some in our web store.