Sunday, September 7, 2008

Finishing Your Projects

You've worked hard to create the perfect project. You want to enjoy it for years... better yet, for generations. We used to recommend several coats of decoupage glue over the top of the pictures to protect your priceless images, but we found that sometimes the glue scratches or flakes using this process. We've tried numerous spray finishes. While most of them will work, we sing the praises of Krylon's Matte finish #1311.

NOTE: Several light coats of the spray work best! Hold the can at least 10 inches from the project. Thick
coats of finish, or spraying too close to the picture tends to dissolve the ink and/or change color tones.

Krylon Matte Finish #1311
Protect and enhance your finished project with this permanent, non-glossy finish. It reduces sheen and light reflection, while providing invisible protection.

Dries in minutes
Creates a soft, satin finish
Provides a durable protective coating in minutes
Moisture resistant

LESSONS LEARNED: The printed instructions on the can suggest that you shake it for two minutes before using it. If you're like us, you might be tempted to cut corners...DON'T! Suni had a class participant turn a brand-new (and might we add, unshaken) can onto her project. Imagine the horror of seeing your hard work splattered with a white-filmy substance?! The good news is that you can't ruin these projects. Simply sand down the affected pictures and glue a new one over it. Better yet, save yourself some time and SHAKE!

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