Sunday, September 7, 2008

Distress It!

Note: We originally posted this in June. We decided to move it to the top of the list for all of you getting started on your holiday projects!
We thought we'd share ideas for distressing your project. You can personalize your project even more by using various distressing techniques. No two projects will be alike! Pick a look that matches your project, your pictures and your personal taste. Here are a few suggestions of distressing products we love to use:

Distress Ink by Jim Holtz. We love the color Old Paper and use it on EVERYTHING! It is a great start to making your project look like it's been around for a while.

There are also a few other colors in the Distress Ink line that we like to use. Vintage Photo is a great medium brown with just a hint of red. It looks great with black and white or color photos. We also like Walnut Stain to make the corners look extra distressed. Beware, this last one is really dark and we suggest to use it sparingly.

Along with Distress Ink, we like to use chalk. The brand we like is Color Box Chalk. Chestnut Roan is our absolute favorite! It gives better coverage than ink and is a good option for darkening paper edges or the wood when using dark pictures.

There are a few differences between using an ink and a chalk. It is good to know that the ink takes a few minutes to dry. If you don't allow it to dry it can smear and be a mess! Also, if you are planning on applying a top protective coating of decoupage glue, be sure to let it dry so the ink doesn't streak into your pictures. Chalk is a little easier - it dries immediately! No need to wait.

The trick to distressing your project is to just grab the ink or chalk and have at it! Start with a light color to build confidence , but don't try to make it too perfect. Imperfections just add to the character and help to tell your story.

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Unknown said...

I've done this project over for 4 years now. I always used the color Box chestnut roan, but it was hard to find this year. So I tried Distress Ink. I'm not sure if it has changed, but old paper looks really green now and really not the look I would go for.