Saturday, March 21, 2009

Easiest Journaling Strategy

We recently stumbled across a new blog written by the multi-faceted and, in our eyes, extremely talented writer, Angie Lucus. You're SO going to want to follow her blog, Yeah, Right. She recently offered the following advice:

Easiest Journaling Strategy in the World
I, Angie Lucas, hereby present the easiest journaling strategy ever imagined by woman:
Have someone else write it!

She goes on to detail her efforts in organizing a two-volume tribute album. And here's the best part, she only wrote a 4x6 card full of text herself! Gotta check it out..

We also highly recommend An Album for Grandma.

Summer is right around the corner and hopefully reunions are in your forecast. What a perfect way to highlight the event! Thanks for sharing Angie!!

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