Thursday, March 19, 2009

Running on Empty

I think that I might have lost the final few brain cells rattling around in the abyss known as my head. Today, I completely forgot to pick up my afternoon carpool. There I was, dashing around Salt Lake City and my middle child called. "Hey Mom. Where are you." Me "In my car. Where are you?" Never once did it register that I was supposed to be in my car picking up children! I also forgot to take a child to his weekly scout meeting and give a very important message to the third child. YIKES! Gratefully, I have wonderful friends and family who are helping me cling to sanity. Suni rescued the carpool. Suni, I owe you big time! My dear sistend (that's a friend who's more sister than friend) Karen kept my oldest on track and dear sweet hubby raced home to play the role of chauffeur to our scout.

Ok, so I'm a little frazzled. Shows have a way of doing that to me. I'll include a few pictures of our booth to prove that the day wasn't totally wasted. The good news (yes, there is ALWAYS good news if you dig deep enough) is that Monday is a few short days away and everything should be calm and peaceful by Monday!

Made myself laugh labeling this blog under 'Remembering Family'. Forgetting family is more like it!

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suni said...

the booth looks great! glad i was able to help...anytime!