Thursday, July 30, 2009

Trek Across the Plains, July 30, 1849

Saturday, July 28: In the evening we encamped near Capt. Richard's camp where they had a "trip on the light fantastic toe."

[Definition: Verb 1. trip the light fantastic toe - move in a pattern; usually to musical accompaniment; do or perform a dance. ]

Sunday, July 29: Had meeting at 11 a.m. The greater portion of the women were engaged in washing, baking and cooking.

Monday, July 30: It is quite gladdening to the eyes to view the beautiful flowers on these vast prairies with which nature's God had decked this lower world to beautify, gladden and cheer the hearts of men. Although these vast plains were seldom trodden by the foot of the white man, and his habitations are not seen up them, and but few Indians that roam over them, yet here, in solitary silence, blooms the sweet rose and other beautiful flowers of variegated hues and colors, causing their sweet fragrance and odors to the gentile breezes that are wafted over them; where the lark, the linnet and blackbird in merry gambols and gyrations inhale the odoriferous sweets, whose fragrance is mingled with the pure air of the plains, sure.

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