Monday, August 3, 2009

Trek Across the Plains, Aug 3, 1849

Tuesday, July 31: A melee occurred in the morning in Captain Richard's camp. A driver or teamster of one Mr. Sayres got into dispute with Mrs. S (Mr. S being absent) in regard to driving the team. He called her by some base epithets, when she retaliated by using a whip on him. He then struck her and blackened one of her eyes. He was left to the care of the officers of the camp to deal with him for the same. Several hunters went out fro the camps to-day; saw several antelopes and killed one.

Wednesday, August 1: Elder Hyde's letter informed us of the increase of the cholera in the United States, wars in Europe, Santa Anna in Mexico again, etc.

Friday, August 3: At the same place was two graves, neatly sodded over and headboards with inscription on them, from which we learned with regret that one was Captain Samuel Gully, Captain of 100 in Brother Orson Spencer's company of Saints, Salt Lake bound, died July 5, 1849, of cholera; age 39 years. The other was Henry Vanderhoof, a gold digger, bound for California; died July 4th, 1849 of cholera also.

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