Monday, August 17, 2009

Amazing Grace!

We have had a lot of amazing experiences this summer. Some have been life-altering and will be remembered for a long time. Others, while short blips on life's radar still had a profound impact on our realization of the tender mercies that surround us daily.

Wish I had been smart enough to take some pictures of the following experience so you could visualize the scenario. Just try to put yourself in my shoes...

I had a quick errand that would have me quickly in and out of a store. As I returned to the car I grew confused when my car was not where I had left it. Gratefully, I found it two rows away. Duh, I must have forgotten where I had parked it. But wait, why was it parked at such an odd angle. And why was another car parked so dangerously close to it? I must have stood in that parking lot a good five minutes trying to figure out the chain of events leading up to that moment.

This is the only thing I could surmise...

1. The plan was to run into the store and grab the one needed item. Unfortunately, the plan didn't include carefully setting my parking brake before said run.

2. During my five minute absence, Newton's law of motion
Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it
took effect without the benefit of the external force of an applied parking brake.

3. Of course, parking on a hill didn't help my case.

4. The amazing grace part of this story is the fact that the car that provided the external stopping force for my rolling car was not only brand-new and of an extremely expensive variety, but there wasn't a scratch on it. Seriously! Somehow my car rolled across two lanes of parking lot and came to rest against the tire of someone's BMW.

I can only imagine the herculean efforts provided by my guardian angel that day!

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