Thursday, August 20, 2009

Susannah Stone book finally ready!

I'm happy to announce that the Susannah Stone book has finally left the building! Actually, it's on its way to the publisher, so it's still a few weeks out for anyone who ordered a copy. This book is a labor of love. I'm not even related to this amazing example of pioneering determination and grit, but I've become quite fond as I've helped to retell Susannah's story. Our first book was published four (or was it five?) years ago. I had permission from the family to display a copy of the book in a small shop that we were running at This is the Place, Heritage Park in Salt Lake City. Susannah and her husband had 14 children. Twelve lived to adulthood, so you can imagine the posterity that comes from this amazing couple. A grandchild from the Cook branch of the family tree saw the book and contacted us to request a second printing. This connection allowed for the sharing of several photographs that were new to the several in the Lloyd line.

Well, the Lloyd family had another family reunion this past summer. The book was displayed and more copies were requested. We've found a new, wonderful printer to help in the production process and decided that this new edition was worthy of a design makeover. The story hasn't changed, but tell us what you think of the new cover.

We also were introduced to another family member. Lloyd D. Newell is the voice behind the Spoken Word. He gave us permission to include a tribute to his great-grandmother that he wrote and shared in his weekly broadcast in July of 2004.

I think that my favorite line in this book is Susannah's comment about how this hardy company were "almost pioneers for we had to travel thru sunflowers and sage brush for many miles." Little did they realize that in a few short weeks, their experiences would help redefine the word pioneer. Life is like that. We might think we're just along for the ride, but often we find ourselves blazing new trails for those who follow.


MomStinson said...

Please advise when and where this book can be purchased. I am one of the vast number of proud posterity. Sherilyn Clarke Stinson

Stories by Me! said...

I will check with the publisher to see where the book is in the print process. I'm sure there will be an extra copy that can be made available.

Craig said...

I am also a descendent of Susannah Stone and would love to buy a copy of this book if there will be any available. Please contact me if there are any left. Thanks.

Stories by Me! said...

Craig, It’s not too late. We’re still in production. Do you just need one copy? Books are soft-covered, full color and about 30 pages in length. Cost is right around $15.00. Let me know if you need more than one copy, otherwise, I’ll be sure to put one aside for you.
Everyone - Extra copies will be limited. PLEASE contact us right away if you want a copy!

Taffy said...

Still have books?