Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Who doesn't LOVE a sale?

Today it was almost 90 degrees. The weatherman just said that we should expect snow tomorrow. By the sound of the wind outside, something sinister is blowing in. It has taken me nearly 10 years of Utah living to get used to the abrupt changes to the weather. The local LDS Church holds two big annual conferences every year in Salt Lake City. For our out-of-town friends, you can pretty much count on wet, cold weather the first weekend of April and October! While you might want to stay home because of the weather...there are some great deals to be found in the Salt Lake area because of the event (some might even say holiday!).

1. Our favorite ladies at the Church History Museum store run a big sale two times a year. Everything in the store is 20% off! And yes, they have a nice variety of Stories by Me products right now. The deal is even sweeter because they don't charge sales tax! The sale runs tomorrow, Wednesday, September 30 to Tuesday, October 6. If they run out of any of our products, just ask them to call us and we'll make a special run to get them back in stock. Did I mention how much we LOVE this store?!!

2. We hope that if you live near a Deseret Book...(and you're a lady) that you've had a chance to experience Ladies Night Out. These events are hosted at every Deseret Book store the Saturday night of Conference weekend. According to the Deseret Book website...most regularly priced items will be discounted 20%. I know that I've always found plenty of things to spend my money on, and for a couple of magical hours, it was ALL on sale! We are still trying to get our products in ALL the Deseret Book stores (we hope to share exciting news soon!), but for now, look for our products in the Mormon Handicraft section. We shipped orders to all the stores so we know they have plenty of inventory to get them through the weekend!

As for us, we hope to finish filling our TOFW (Time Out For Women) orders by the weekend. You'll find us with our feet up, relaxed and enjoying a little family time. Who knows, maybe we'll get enough snow to head out for the first snowball fight of the season!

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