Thursday, October 8, 2009

Letter Blocks - Celebrate Family!

One of our TOFW friends was curious what a finished set of the Family Letter Blocks looked like. Conveniently, Suni had just finished the project. We think the letters make a nice statement...but add 18 fantastic family pictures and we just dare someone to tell us it's not the nicest thing they've seen!

We designed this project so that you can print your own letters on your choice of backgrounds. Just download our Letter Block.pdf. Select six coordinating scrapbook papers. If you are using 12x12 paper, cut it down to 8.5x11" sheets. Be sure to save the extra scraps because you can use them when finishing the blocks. See our Letter Blocks post for instructions on making your own set.

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Marcel said...

I love your products! they make such great gifts and I'm so impressed how you've come up with so many great ideas:)