Monday, December 21, 2009

12 Days of Christmas, Day 1

Christmas has finally come to the Hyer household. We were beginning to think that the tree would remain bare this year and the house wouldn't have any of the festive holiday trim of years' past. Finally, on Saturday we were able to carve out two hours to whip the house into shape. One of my boys decorated the Christmas tree. We'll use the word 'unique' to describe it. I was just THRILLED to cross it off the list.

Yes, that is a bagel box attached to the tree. One of the brothers 'made' it into an ornament with another brother's gift 'hidden' in it. We have bets on how long the angel will last on top of the tree. Right now she's hanging by a thread.

Sweet hubby remembered that 20 years ago he proposed by giving me an addition to my Woof Poof collection. Of course, I then needed to dig out the rest of set.

What a difference two hours can make!!

Feeling a little guilty that our focus throughout the month might have been a bit self-centered...AND realizing that this could very likely be the last year that we are all together as a family, we decided to make the best use of these last few days of 2009 and start a new Hyer tradition. We are instigating our very own version of the 12 Days of Christmas. For the next 12 days, we will find a way to make the season memorable with some EXCELLENT quality family time!

Last night kicked off DAY 1 with a trip to our neighbor's annual Holiday Music Concert. Colton nailed his Ode to Joy, and the two older brothers made their parents cry with their rendition of O' Holy Night. Tonight we're planning a trip to the movie theater!

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Beth Graham said...

Never too late to start a family tradition and what a fun one to start!