Saturday, December 19, 2009

Susannah Stone - The book is really READY!

Here is it is, less than a week before Christmas and we're finally ready to announce that Susannah Stone's story is finished!! Yes, it is loooong over due, but we think it'll be worth the wait. There are a few copies left...let me know right away if you want any. We will be printing again in 2010, so have no fear if you don't get a copy first time around.

Here's a sneak peak of some of the pages. We are also thrilled to include a tribute written by Lloyd D. Newell, descendant and voice of the weekly historic broadcast of "Music and the Spoken Word."

Very cool addition on the above page. Jeannie was able to connect with a relative who had pictures of Susannah's parents.
These are also new pictures to the project.Have you seen the bottom picture before? It is a reunion photograph of the Willie Handcart survivors. Susannah was very much a survivor. She had much to live for. By one descendant's estimation, she and Thomas' posterity could number over 10,000!


Natalie Ball said...

Can I learn more about this book and possibly purchase it? I am a direct decedent of Susannah Stone and just named my baby girl after her. Can you please e-mail me at Nataliejball@yahoo.com? Thanks for your help!

Teri said...

My husband and I are very excited about this book. We are wanting to purchase this book because Susannah Stone is an ancestor on my husband,s line. His grandmother was a Lloyd. Maureen Totland, a cousin, told us to get hold of you. My email is teri.maughan@ gmail.com. Would you mind getting in touch with me and let me know if we can purchase this book? Thank you so much. Teri Maughan

Anonymous said...

I am Norman Walker, a G G Grandson to Susannah Stone. I am interested in obtaining a copy of this book. My E-mail address is normanw@pdqx.net

Thankyou very much.

Janet Egbert said...

I am Janet Egbert. I am Susannah Stones G G Granddaughter. Is this book available for purchase?
My email is jhillegbert@gmail.com Please reply. Thanks so much.