Friday, January 22, 2010

Love Those Family Faces Winner!

And the winner is... bethmoscreations! Just sent you an email, Beth. Thanks to everyone who left such nice comments.

We've finally got the instructional video for making the ornaments onto the website. See it here. It's much too long, but it does go into fabulous detail of exactly how to get the Stories by Me vintage look, so bear with the rambling.

'M', you are right about Brooke's misguided approach to gluing her pictures to the block. I cracked up when I watched the Studio 5 segment later and realized that the teacher (that was supposed to me) wasn't doing a very good job of teaching. It helped that Suni had already finished a copy of the ornament for Brooke just before we went on air. You will find that putting a thin layer of glue ON THE BLOCK is much easier than trying to add the glue to the piece of paper. We didn't have enough time to share all of our helpful hints on air, so be sure to watch the video.

Our Love display is now hanging near the back door of our family room. Yesterday I overheard two of my children discussing some of the memories that have been preserved on these blocks. Just think of it, 36 more stories to tell!


bethmoscreations said...

Thanks for your generous giveaway! I am so excited!
Now the fun begins!

Lauri said...

Your box has left the building! Start getting your pictures ready because your kit should be there in the next couple of days.