Monday, January 25, 2010

Mod Podge Wonders

It seems that my radar is tuned to anything Mod Podged. It helps that we have bottles and bottles of the white stuff all over the place. I should be updating my QuickBooks (bookkeeper, I am NOT). Surfing the internet is much more fun!

Lindsey over at That's So Cuegly has come up with some darling ways to recycle old into new. Just had to share another use for your bottle of Mod Podge!

How about turning hardly-worn old earnings into a brand-new pair!

how to's here

I also loved what she did to an old plate. Mind you, I wouldn't suggest eating off it, but it would make a fantastic display. Of course, I'm now dreaming of ways to incorporate family faces into the design. I share the picture of her tree plate, but you'll want to see her other inspirational designs here.