Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mod Podge Project #17

So the #17 is completely random. I've lost track of how many different ways I've used Mod Podge over the years. I am amazed at ALL the creative people out there and how they are using Mod Podge.

Check out Somewhat Simple's tutorial on a Lost Sock board. I SO need one of these. I love the thought of those sad, mate-less little socks flapping right in front of my family's faces. (I used to get away offering a nickel for every match my kids could come up with. Sadly, a quarter or two isn't much incentive for a bunch of teenagers.)

I was at Suni's house today admiring their handwork on a kitchen remodel. The walls are now painted and all that's left is some trim work and final grouting. It won't be long before the appliances are moved back into place and life can return to normal. While I'm sure that Suni will just be thrilled to move the refrigerator out of its temporary living room location, she really, really would LOVE a brand-spanking new fridge to complement her new kitchen space. With all the great ideas we've come across reminding us of Mod Podge's versatility, I think Suni needs to experiment on her giant sunflower-yellow refrigerator. She did promise to take lots of pictures if she decides to tackle the project. I wonder if a gallon of Mod Podge will cover it?!

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