Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Dog Ate My Cake

I'm think I'll change this poster to read, "I WANT THIS DOG TO GO HOME!"

Today is a day for the books. It is also a day for the bottle...and I'm not the drinking type.

Our house has been overrun by dogs. One dog is more than we can handle, but we turned into a two dog, one cat house several years ago. This past weekend, my tenderhearted son took it upon himself to help a lost dog. By help, I mean feeding it. Everyone knows what happens when you feed a dog... you then OWN the dog! We can't find anyone to claim this very sweet but large, eating (and pooping) machine. My kids have already named the dog (rule #2 Never, NEVER name stray animals. It's that much harder to get them to leave.)

I had a crazy day. And that was before I had an extra dog underfoot. The day included an evening activity where I was assigned to bring the dessert. Things were on track. Cake was cooked and frosted. I had just enough time to run necessary errands and make it back for the event. Imagine my delight when I walked into the house to find my cake with a huge chunk missing from it. Now, my family might be ok eating a dog-slobbered cake, but I'm pretty sure that the group of women I was getting together with wouldn't appreciate it.

Yes, I recovered... thanks to Parson's Bakery. Tomorrow is stacking up to be another crazy day. I have someone coming over to the house for an 8:00 am meeting. While I was gone tonight, someone left a bag of red Valentine candy out where the dogs could reach it and I now have a red pile of dog barf front and center in the dining room.


Anonymous said...

I have a room waiting for you...anytime ;) It will be our secret! heee heee

Beth Graham said...

Wow! Your house is always full of excitement!

Lauri said...

Anonymous, I'd like to BOOK the room. Do you offer monthly rates?

Beth, my house is full of something, but I wouldn't call it excitement :-)