Wednesday, February 17, 2010

One Up on the Dog Story

I've received several emails and phone calls from friends laughing (I mean, sincerely offering their condolences) at the events of yesterday. One friend said that she could top my story...

The family decided to celebrate the long weekend by taking the kids to a local water park. This was a new experience for the two-year-old who loved her time in the water...though Mom vaguely remembers that her little girl seemed to be swallowing an enormous amount of water throughout the day. After a full play-day, the family stopped by the mall for a little R&R shopping before returning home. They had only been in the store for a few minutes when little Ellie told her mom that her tummy hurt. Mom did what moms everywhere do when their focus is elsewhere (and when they aren't sure just how serious the comment really is). She told her two-year-old to wait a minute. Well, Ellie couldn't wait a minute. It took my friend about 15 seconds to realize that her daughter had swallowed half the pool. There they were, standing in the middle of a bookstore with NO idea of which direction to run. What would you do? My buddy did what any fast-thinking, resourceful mother would do... she opened her (expensive) handbag and redirected the flow of barf in to it!

Gross, I know, but VERY real and a story that will be remembered (and laughed at) for years AND YEARS! And come on, it is very helpful to know that no matter how bad you think you have it, someone else can ONE UP you!

So, what about you? What stories are tucked away in the recesses of your memory? Take five minutes today and WRITE it down. Don't worry about grammar. Don't worry about filling a book with every last detail. Do try to include the 5 w's when documenting the event -- the WHO, WHERE, WHEN, WHAT and WHY of the story. Consider downloading this helpful little handout for a simple, concise way of preserving the memory!

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