Thursday, February 18, 2010

Recessionista Sale

24 lovely hours to save 30% on ALL of our Stories by Me products. Sale begins at 12:01 February 19th and runs all day. Go check out Recessionista for all the details. Their story started with a belief that despite an economic downturn a woman should NEVER, ever be forced to compromise quality or overpay for an item. Now, we're really proud of our QUALITY and we work hard to keep our PRICES fair, but we agree with the concept. I mean, come on... nobody likes a sale better than we do!! We liked their philosophy so much that we decided to participate in their RP Deal Day.

You've gotta go to their site to get the promotion code. Then COME BACK and shop to your heart's content. Add the promotion code at check out and feel the LOVE flow as you watch the prices drop.

Reading this after the 19th? You can still save 20% from Feb. 20th through March 5th. Just enter the same promotion code.

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