Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Countdown to College

Where have the last 18 years gone? I am somewhat in shock as I watch my 18-year-old prepare for the next chapter in his life's story. Today was an orientation at one of the colleges that he is considering. He and I spent the day becoming familiar with the campus and freshman routine.

He focused his attention on the future...

...I couldn't help but look back.

I'll admit, there have been days that I felt like pushing him out of the proverbial nest. You know, those "don't let the door hit you on your way out" sort of moments. But today I watched MY BABY actually look like he belonged on that college campus. All I could think of was all the little moments that lead to this great big, GIANT moment. Moments in the car singing silly songs off-key (and at the top of our lungs). Spelling words frontwards, backwards and then in Spanish. Reading books so many times that we all had them memorized. Oh, and how could I forget T's talent of impressing our friends with his wide range of animal impersonations... Do you know what the llama says?

Yes, he's ready for the next chapter. I'm not ready to move forward. I'm going to curl up in my favorite chair and enjoy the story to date just a little longer.

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