Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Who Do You Think You Are? Week 1

Ugh, I missed it! I was so wrapped up in preparing for our Family History Fair, that I completely forgot to set the TIVO for Friday night's premier of Who Do You Think You Are?

Thank goodness
we live in the 21st century and I easily recovered with a simple visit to nbc.com website where they have posted the first week's episode featuring Sarah Jessica Parker.

My family will tell you that my happy place is anywhere that involves history. I'd choose a visit to our local Historical Society over Disneyland any day of the week and my top ten most favorite gifts include family pictures or family memories. I learned today that it doesn't have to be a personal family story to get my heart racing and stomach flip-flopping. I actually got goosebumps with Sarah Jessica Parker as she uncovered the stories of her gold-digging GGrandfather and bewitching GGrandmother.

Wanna know what would make the top of my MOST FAVORITE gift list? A solid month off from all of life's obligations, unlimited resources and access to the top genealogists in the world to help uncover my family stories! Ok, I know...not a realistic request...for me, or probably for anyone reading this blog. I have to be careful not to tell my hubby my wish; he always tries so darn hard to give me what I want.

It might take a lifetime to uncover all of my exciting family stories, but they are out there, and they are every bit as TV worthy as the stories that will be featured over the coming weeks on Who Do You Think You Are. BTW, the season pass is set on TIVO. I will NOT miss any more episodes!

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