Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Family Charts

What do you think? We're pretty excited about how our new Mini Family Charts turned out. What makes these kits nice is that they are SO EASY to finish...it also helps that they are SO EASY on the wallet!
Each kit comes with a 5.5x10" hand-finished magnet board, six wood buttons, magnet tape, sandpaper and instructions.

All you have to do is finish the buttons. Our Photo Wizard will help you get your pictures the perfect size for the project. If you're doing the chore chart, download the SbM Family Chart Buttons here.
Just print this page to a favorite scrapbook paper. We came up with 33 common household chores, but if you need something that's not listed you can use your text editor to create your own printout (just make sure it'll fit inside a 1.5" circle), or hand write the chore on a scrap of decorative paper. You might also consider taking pictures of the needed task. Garbage need emptying? Take a picture of the empty garbage can. Your kids should love seeing the example and guess what? You've just preserved a little bit of history with your photo taking!