Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Vintage Tins

My thirteen-year-old would let you to know that the title 'New Vintage Tins' is an oxymoron. I love that he's actually awake and listening in his English class. Yes, New and Vintage do seem to contradict each other, but these tins are new...even though we designed them to look like they've been around a few years.
This summer's trip to New York inspired me to create the Ellis Island collection. My Pops (Grandpa Stanley) was at the forefront of my mind as I searched the photo collections at the Library of Congress. Oh, how I wish I would have come across a miraculous picture of nineteen-year-old Stanley, fresh off the boat and ready to conquer this new world. Unfortunately, I didn't find anything bearing even a faint resemblance of the man that married my grandmother (the earliest photograph that we have of him), but I did stumble across some amazing images. My favorite is the photograph of the mother with the three small children. Look closely at her eyes. Life is a little uncertain, but there is hope in her eyes; hope and courage to face whatever lies ahead.

Our Simple Thought collection is just that; simple thoughts that are meant to uplift and inspire. I love the sign that says: Breathe...Again. Seems so simple, but I've had a day or two when a reminder would have been nice!

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