Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Belated Christmas Wish

Our 2010 Christmas holiday was all about family.

We welcomed home our college freshman, enjoyed a fair bit of rest and relaxation, and grew closer to extended family.

A holiday photo montage... in no particular order:

The one gift that didn't cause the thirteen-year-old's nose to bend upward. He was quite the holiday 'brat' (sorry, but there's no better description). He hated the jeans, slippers, books, games and bass amp that he received. If it wasn't so funny, we might have taken offense. We're chalking it off as being 13 and look forward to him becoming 14!

For as rotten & stinky as youngest son acted, our oldest son was a complete delight. Santa forgot to spend much time finding stocking stuffers. In an effort to 'stuff' the sock, Santa's helper grabbed a few household items. Here's college boy thrilled with his bag of shredded coconut!

Our sixteen year old isn't quite sure what to make of his can of San Francisco clam chowder.

But, he can now tell his friends that he got a car for Christmas...and it's a Ferrari to boot!

Other 'stuff' that made it into the holiday stocking...

We had a few holiday guests enjoying the festivities with us...

Dorm kitty needed a place to hide during the Christmas break. Yes, I am the animal sucker... but this sweet pet is only here for a short visit. She returns to college with oldest son in the next couple of days. What I want to know is why he felt the need to house another pet when we already have three animals looking for a good home?!

My sister and her military hubby on leave for a few days. She's holding the present that our 13-year-old made them. Yep, he made it in one of his sweeter moments! It really is quite impressive. He found a photo of Derek's navy ship online and had me help him turn it into a magnet board.

And here's my favorite holiday snapshot. Some good ol' Christmas sugar... compliments of my brother and fabulously fantastic new sister-in-law!!

We know it's a little late, but our wish is that your holidays were filled with quality family time! That way you'll have LOTS of stories to tell in 2011!


artteachergirl said...

Just beautiful!!!! You had a wonderful Christmas...shredded coconut and all!! I love the stocking stuffers. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...
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custom fortune cookies said...

Thanks for sharing some beautiful photographs of Christmas. Your Kitty is looking very cool. Thanks

Anonymous said...
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B's Mommy said...

Happy New Year Friends!! I adore this post. Love the stocking stuffers and all the fun stories. I like the "brother sandwich" pic. Great job C. on the magnet board. Very cool!
Thank you for sharing with all of us. Looking forward to more posts and ideas.